Stille Nacht 33cl

12 °
  • 4.76 €

With Stille Nacht, available in Esen at De Dolle Brouwers, we offer a quality Christmas beer that you will enjoy, we are sure of that. Only bubble hop from Poperinge is used. White candy canes provide the extra density.

What a beautiful name for a Christmas beer, by the way, if we do say so ourselves. And with a beautiful name comes an exclusive beer, from which a little more can be expected. A little more, that also means one of the heaviest densities of the wort: 22°PL.
Our craft brewhouse can handle a large deposit of malt. We brew one brew a day, boiling in a copper kettle with direct gas fire and cooling in the cooling vessel, also in copper.

Cooling takes place in a Baudelot cooler and fermentation takes place in open copper vats. The lagering lasts at least a month and the beer is secondary fermented in the bottle. The bottling date of this beer is stated on the capsule.

ABV 12°
Beer Style Christmas Beer
Brand Stille Nacht
Brewery Brewery De Dolle Brouwers
Empties Included 0.10 EUR
Type Bottle 33cl