About Belgian Brewed

About Belgian Brewed

We want to share the proudA�of Belgium with the world.

French People drink wine. Germans drink loads of beer. Belgians enjoy their beer. theessayclub.com examples of mla annotated bibliography Since the 12th century ( far before Belgium even existed), the lands of Belgium already were drinking beer as a replacement for drinkable water.

Fast forward this to the 21st century, Belgium has the best beer in the world, our start-ups aren’t about tech. It’s about brewing Beer. Belgian’s biggest multinational is more profitable then Coca-Cola ( InBev ) and 6 of the 11 monasteries that have a license to brew Trappist theessayclub.com examples of mla annotated bibliography beer in the world are Belgian.

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Team Behind Belgian Brewed

Meet our team that does their best to promote Belgian Beers to the outside world and support Breweries about improving their non-brewery activities ( sharing is caring)

Nico Sap [Founder]

Making sure the bits and bytes of Belgian Brewed are delivered to your device.

Supporting brewers and advise about tech

Keeping breweries cost low through previous experience with webshops and other business-related affairs

The Breweries working with us

Yummy Bytee...!