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Read-write: write every day in the specification writer. I’m going to the end of the free: they do not want, they do not write, but in fact they write … Correction: I use GACODES They can come read it to others. Theme of the day: The read-write Patricia: should we could revisit our practices. I am an activist of the AFL.

Writing for children is also an issue. The place of literature in our classrooms, what is it? The issue of copyright: it’s an adult problem, but if it is given to children, it gives them the keys. Sandrine: In the classroom, it is working on Chris Van Allsburg: it identifies common points in the albums. For example, children were able to realize english homework help service
that its characteristic is handling the player.

The question of husking: it does not deprive them of pleasure … For the AFL, the challenge is to do it in kindergarten. The practice Sandrine pat texts in Ideographix, she also asks (and files) on a participatory website or over 700 have already typed. The children each text. Break footer with suspense writing later.

There are things we find a book to another. In the journal of the day, it puts the cultural contribution. They read, note the rough book difficult words. Then collective debate.

Veronica speaks reading circles (by Jocelyne Giasson?). A master of words, a master illustrations, a master of the passages (liked or disliked), a master of J-Luc discussions: I literary appointment: it’s the same spirit. The benevolent climate in class is fundamental: it always comes back to this …

If a child CE2 which does not include many cultural patterns: for example, he does not know that a teacher can be a scientist so reading is mechanical because it is quickly lost in one simple account. It is the confrontation with others who will make things better. The key is not I like to read or I do not like to read, so I need to read? Blandine: is it still a trace?

No, not yet … Patricia will give us the five proposals that make a child becomes a real player … We decided to act! After a round, we said we need to explore children’s literature / We held meetings where the deal is to make books, to share, to use the resources of books of AFL … etc … The place: IEN Andrezieux.

Jean-Luc puts a doodle for the first … Reading lesson to a special meeting … J-Luc also has a doodle for this Saturday morning.

ICEM Point: 1) GD42 adheres to the ICEM as a corporation: unanimity. Dede does it. 2) National Assessment of Proposals: The Board considered three proposals: – keeping the current situation membership 60 and 80 €: 0 votes for – Three rates: first membership 40 €, normal membership 80 € and membership support for more: 0 votes for – variable by income (20 € income <1000 € € 40 1500 60 € 2000, 80 € 2500 100 € beyond: 9 in favor 3) It was decided to repeat a course to Toussaint, with a time sharing tools. It would be the 4, 5 and 6 November.

Patricia does the VCT file, perhaps with Nikol? 4) Evening solidarity RIDEF: There would be the group of Dede and cabaret group Annie … We have to find a room, but a room without stage. There would be one in Chambon Feugerolles, but there are bleachers and a stage.

Room Guy Poirieux in Montbrison? In May, it would be nice … Add comment label gd42 By Claude Beaunis on 08/02/12 – 11:08 p.m.. great … … but do not forget the GD42 + select label !!!

Sincerely answer DAY IFMAN By Visitor, 09/02/12 – 0:19. Hello friends of the 42, we are organizing a IFMAN day at school Jean Rostand Vienna 38, Wednesday, February 15. If some are interested to join us please call me June 14 36 65 39. it must remain few places meet Joelle IFMAN By Visitor, 06/03/12 – 8:10. Hello Joelle, sorry for not being able to come to this training was to be good … For our part, we want as we form with IFMAN.

But the organization of this day will be a first for me. Could you give me information qq? For example, the maximum nb of participants, which defined topic (there are so many, and all interesting!), Location and cost (and its financing, how much for the participants?) I need me looks rapidos! I hope not to bother you with my questions, Good day soon Madeline (GD42) meet

By Pierre-Antoine Bougourd on 06/09/16 – 7:25 p.m. In: GD 974 – Reunion Class Tour Dates: 09/17/16 – 10:00 – 14:30 Location: School district Antoine LUCAS Land Fleury Le Tampon it is a CM1 / CM2 followed since last year, the theme of the meeting is the tracking of students in workshops, and especially issues responses to students in May and July, which have embarked on this adventure. A shared meal 12am, 1:30 p.m. Presentation of the class and discussion.

Nartrouv zot everything ‘! Pierre Antoine 0692 260374 or a comment

Results 11 to 12 from 12 Results No. 22 – Oral in a comprehensive approach to communication and cooperation In: Practice and Research Publishing ICEM For teachers CD, DVD book, brochure French teaching Principles> Communication Pedagogical Principles> Principles educational cooperation > term-creation pedagogical techniques> exposed children conference in order payable online in January 2002 and Lemery Janou BERTET Christian, with CD-ROM to purchase online Add comment Read more N ° 20 – The documentary adventure in: practices and research Publishing ICEM for teachers book, pamphlet teaching techniques> research documentary order payable online in January 2002 BAR Michel to purchase online desk research, literature searches, doc, documentary, documentation, presentation, presentations, conferences, conferences of children encyclopedia Add a comment Read more “premie r

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2 Results on vacation! By Catherine Chabrun the 10/08/16 – 11:09 In: Gr chronic Child Rights Rights> Children’s Rights Campaign “A month, a law” Collective SAFE (Working together for the rights. child), August 2016. Add a comment Read more Editorial By Catherine Chabrun the 12/02/15 – 10:20 In: New Gr chronic Educator Add comment Read more.
By Catherine Chabrun the 10/06/16 – 11:04 In: Gr.

New book Educator news articles and editorials, 1920-1939 Celestin Freinet Collection N’Autre School Edtions Libertalia 6 October 2016. “It is not enough more to develop, improve, reform education, we must revolutionize …. “(Freinet) This is first in the columns of the union magazine The emancipated school and in those of the proletarian Educator Celestin Freinet (1896-1966) testified to its social and educational commitments. His educational achievements within the public school system, had meaning for him qu’adossees the e-s-dominated the struggle to overthrow the established order.

We can work to another school without worrying about how the world works, without attachment, in and out of the classroom, to transform it. We can not fight against the rise of fascism, the crisis generated by capitalism, the development of misery and wars, perpetuating, through its daily practice, a conservative education, authoritarian and unequal. Such is the legacy of the educator and activist that was Freinet which is followed by the path and ripening of thought.

The year 2016 marks a double anniversary: ??the fiftieth anniversary of his death (8 October 1966). But also the anniversary of the Popular Front in France and Spain, where Freinet placed his hopes. Through this selection of writings published between 1920 and 1939 reveals the news of fighting a revolutionary teacher who wanted at once to change the world and the school. Edition established and annotated by Catherine and Gregory Chabrun Chambat.

Interview with C. Chabrun and G. Chambat about the book: -the-master Add comment
Personal blog of Bruno Jolys on 15/09/16 – 3:41 p.m. INFORM PARTICIPATE SUPPORT blog Bruno Jolys Thanks … By Jean-Charles Huver on 09/16/16 – 7:18 p.m.. Bruno thank you for the link.

Hoping that many of us do go there a tour and more … Jean-Charles Huver, Departmental Group 06.
Result 141 141 results from the child’s right to respect, Korczak In: ??discontinued For students> College For Students> For high school teachers book, brochure pedagogical principles> children’s rights in order payable online January 2009 .. Monitoring the full text of the international Convention of children’s rights in a new translation from Polish by Lydia Waleryszak Preface by Bernard Defrance and Frederic Jesu a reissue supported by more than twenty organizations in the world of childhood, of education and human rights. Fabert Editions, 136 pages, € 3.50 Sold also at (ICEM Secretariat) In order to buy online Add new comment Read more «first

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2 Results Units for cereals by the School Conliege 06/02/12 – 10:31 p.m. The tractor passes with the plow in the field. He then spent 2011-2012 with Emilien …

Read more By The Knight School Conliege on 14/11/11 – 11:02 In Creation, Expression French> Scripture-reading it once was a knight who had to go save Princess … Emilien 2011-2012 3 comments Read more
2 Results of the General Meeting GD10 – GEMA meeting in kindergarten Celine By Sylvie Hospitel the 09/30/17 – 11:16 In: Greater East Region> GD 10 – Aube General Assembly Dates: 13/10/17 – 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Place: kindergarten Ervy le Chatel the meeting will begin by the General Assembly of the departmental panel, it will be followed by the meeting of the GD with presentation of the kindergarten class of Celine. Add a comment General Meeting of GEMA By Sylvie Hospitel on 03/11/15 – 7:32 p.m.

In: Greater East Region> GD 10 – Aube General Assembly Dates: 13/11/15 – 17:30 – 19:30 Location: school elementary Jean Jaures – 10 – La Chapelle-Saint-Luc agenda: Re-election of the office (departmental delegate management of the internet list) Accounts item on the ICEM and its site last stage Bilan GEMA project for the next communication displays, Canopus class of Jean-Claude Mura Add comment
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